Book Studies
This year, faculty and staff will have more options for book studies. We created a list of books that complement the progression model. From this list, faculty and staff can find the category they are focusing on this year, and they can choose a book to study in that category. If enough faculty members choose a specific book, we will create a book study club that will meet during professional development offerings (and other times of their choosing). If only one or a couple choose a particular book, you can read it as a supplemental option for your professional development and earn 2.5 hours towards their CEU requirement by presenting your findings from the book. In other words, you will still attend a session on professional development days, but you will also be able to earn additional credits by reading the book and doing one of the following:

  • Present your findings at a "TeachMeet" session - 2 to 7 minute sessions where teachers share findings from a book, an innovative lesson, a program they like to use, a class management method, or anything else that they find of value related to teaching and learning

  • Present your findings at one of your division's meetings

  • Create a discussion thread on the St. Paul's Professional Development Wikispace to share your findings from the book and begin a discussion with other faculty and staff members regarding the most notable concepts of the book

Click on the links below for the specific category you are studying:

Embracing Change
Professional Commitment
Professional Growth
Professional Performance