Do You Need Some Education Inspiration?

We are dedicated to our craft. We are committed to utilizing the best methods for instruction. Continually refining our lessons, however, can sometimes be a challenge. When I am working on revising a lesson and I get stuck, I look for inspiration. One great place for inspiration are other educator's blogs. Therefore, with this post, you will be able to explore blogs that could inspire you. Below you will find a list of blogs, categorized by subject matter. Some are classroom blogs; others are educator's blogs sharing lesson plans and ideas. I am confident you will find at least one blog that you like and that you can continue to read throughout the school year when you are looking for inspiration. (Note: You may have to read a few blog entries on a site before you get a feel for the writer. Some of the bloggers only write about school related topics; others choose to add some personal posts.)

Remember, when you are finished perusing the blog links, be sure to post your thoughts about the blogs you read in the discussion section of this page. Tell us how many blogs you read also! If you review at least 3 blogs, you will earn an hour towards your CEU requirement.

Kinderblog'n - blog for the teachers of young children
Nerdy Teacher's Confessions - 4th grade teacher's blog
The Inquiry Files - Science with younger students
First Grade Fun - one elementary teacher's blog about her class
The KinderKids' Blog
Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom
Passionately Curious - 2nd grade teacher's blog
Bits 'n Bytes - tips for integrating technology in the elementary classroom(blog no longer active, but still has good resources)

Physical Education
The P.E. geek
oneschool's blog about P.E. classes

Dan Myer - highschool math teacher & doctoral candidate at Stanford
The Number Warrior
Think, Thank, Thunk - calculus teacher
Let's Play Math
I Want to Teach Forever
Off the Hypotenuse

The Advanced Educational Modeling Laboratory
Educational Technology Guy - physics teacher & ed tech specialist
Biology in Action - blog about science in real life
Nashosphere - exploring the elements of science literacy
Built on Facts (using Physics to solve theoretical problems)
Amoeba Mike - compliments typical biology classroom -NSTA blog
Science Teachers' Laboratory - group blog for science teachers
Siyensya - middle schoolscience blog
Teaching Chemistry - building a 21st century chemistry classroom
Reflections of a Techie - reflecting on using 21st century technologies toenhance the science classroom

English - issues, ideas, and discussion in English Education &Technology
Literacy Strategies in Action
JimBurke: The English Teacher's Companion
Eric - English teacher & writer - blog for theEnglish department of St. Columbia's College
Your Smarticles - middle school English & Social Studies teacherdiscusses how she integrates technology in the classroom

Social Studies
History Tech
Bringing Social Studies Alive
The History Teacher's Attic
History is Elementary
The History Channel This is Not
Thinking in Mind

World Languages
Crucial Thought - 6th grade Spanish& Latin teacher - Sans problèmes! French teacher's blog
Souffler- French teacher's blog
eTools for Language Teachers (mainly French)
¡Vámonos! - Spanishteacher's blog
Adventures withTechnology - Spanish teacher's blog
Teaching and Learning Spanish
My Languages

TheTeaching Palette - perfecting the art of education
The ArtTeacher's Guide to the Internet
Art is Awesome - elementary & middle school art blog
PHS Art - high school art blog

Music -James Frankel
Music Tech for Teachers
Things to Come (Band/Choir 4th - 12thgrade)
Musicis not for Insects
Superior Education blog (a part of - written by a banddirector

English as a SecondLanguage
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day
Teacher Reboot Camp

 Heads of Schools
ThePrincipal of Change (K-12 school in Canada)
The Principal's Posts (K-6school in Pennsylvania)
Teach It,Tech It, Learn It, Lead It (elementary Assistant Principal)
Connected Principals

The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness
Dangerously Irrelevant

The Window- Kevin Washburn's blog
The Spectrum - Kevin Washburn's e-newsletter of articles he finds interesting -list of educational blogs list of 50 of the top blogs in education and online learning list of more blogs for teachers & by teachers 100 Best Blogs for Teachers of the Future