Edutopia's Summer Professional Development Offerings

Each week in the summer, Edutopia adds tools and tips to their summer professional development blog to help teachers improve their craft over the summer. They have a lot of great offerings, so rather than create something from scratch this week, I thought it would be nice to share the resources that they currently have posted. If you participate in one of the virtual workshops, you will earn an hour towards your CEUs for each workshop you "attend." If you read one of the blogs related to "tools and resources", you will earn 30 minutes towards your CEUs for each blog you read. Whether you participate in a virtual workshop, or read some of the blogs, be sure and post your take-aways in the discussion section of this page so that we can share with each other what we learn.

Virtual Workshops

The Web Tools Collective Workshop: Facilitated by Eric Brunsell
Innovation Workshop: Facilitated by Andrew Marcinek
Talking Education: A Virtual Workshop for Innovations

Tools and Resources

Project-Based Learning

How to Get Projects Off to a Good Start by Suzie Boss
How to Build a Calendar for Project-Based Learning by Andrew Miller
Project-Based Learning Made Easy by Bob Lenz
Tips for Using Project-Based Learning to Teach Math Standards by Andrew Miller
How to End Projects on a High Note by Suzie Boss

Social and Emotional Learning

Five Simple Techniques to Incorporate Social and Emotional Learning by Mary Kate Land
Want Better Project-Based Learning? Use Social and Emotional Learning by Thom Markham

Brain-Based Learning

Understanding How the Brain Thinks (Part 1 of 4) by Judy Willis MD

New Tools to Try

Making Lessons Come Alive with the Xbox Kinect in the Classroom by Dan Jones

Service Learning

A Formula for Creating Successful Student-Run Service Learning Projects by Rosemary Owens

Blended Learning

Blended Learning: Combining Face-to-Face and Online Education by Heather Wolpert-Gawron


Techniques for Teaching Vocabulary to Elementary Students by Gaetan Pappalardo
Implementing Mutuality in the Composition Classroom by Kerri Flnchbaugh