Google Search Stories Video CreatorGoogle Search Stories Video Creator allows teachers and students to tell a story using Google's search engine. You input seven search queries from any of Google's search features, choose a song to compliment the video, and then create a video. Videos are created in a few minutes and upload to youtube, if you choose. Students and teachers can create stories about current events, readings, or any event important to them. Google offers the following tips:

  • "Try using the different kinds of search (maps, images, products) to add variety to your story.
  • Use different search features (a list of them can be found here) to help get a big plot point across quickly and clearly.
  • Try and build a narative arc that ends with the last search delivering a surprise or, better yet, the beginning of a new story.
  • Make it personal! Tell the story of something you accomplished, fell in love with or discovered. Or make it about aliens. That's cool, too."

Here is a video I created inspired by Ronald Reagan's birthday:

Here is a video I created inspired by the novel The Count of Monte Cristo: