Storybird is a web-based program free to educators. According to the Storybird website, "Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories that are curiously fun to make, share, and read. Teachers can use Storybird's free Class accounts to manage students without emails, create assignments, and build beautiful libraries."
To begin using Storybird,
  1. go to
  2. Click on the "Sign Up" button and complete the registration form with your username, school email and a password. Once you have entered words you see in the image box and agree to the terms of the site, click Create your account.
  3. You can then create a class name.
  4. Once you have created a class name, you have the option of adding students to the class and creating assignments for the students.

To create a Storybird,
  1. Sign in to Storybird
  2. Click "Create"
  3. You can then choose a theme
    1. You can find themes by either browsing the story art displayed, or by clicking on a theme tag to see all the art related to that theme
  4. Once you chose a theme, click on it and then click "Start a Storybird"
  5. You will then see a blank page in the center of the screen and pictures on the left and right of the blank page.
  6. When you find a picture you would like to add to your story, left click on it and drag it to the blank page. The picture will then "pop" onto the page.
  7. You can then write on the page.
  8. When you are ready to add a new page, click on "Add a Page"
  9. You can "save" your project during your progress. If you must leave the site before you are finished with your story, go to "Menu" and left click on the down arrow and select "Save and Close"
  10. When you are completely finished with the project, go the "Menu" and left click the down arrow and select "Publish this Storybird".

You can watch a Storybird demo or review the basics at Storybird.
Student artists can apply to be a artist for Storybird at